Roasted Garlic and Chickpea Soup

2014-09-11 05.24.51

School has been back in full swing for a month now.  Time has been going slowly, things are very busy, and I am getting used to all of my new students and classes.  When I come home at the end of the day, all I want to do is relax.  However, I’ve had papers to grade, an exercise routine to try to get back into (I really should be trying harder), and food to prepare and eat.

I’ve been cooking up a storm – quiche, curry, soups, casseroles – but I haven’t had the mental energy to come up with anything new and exciting.  In fact, I still haven’t.  But at least tonight’s dinner is a recipe I’ve never tried before.  After another long and trying day, I wanted something easy, simple, delicious.

2014-09-11 05.25.03

The answer to my desires was a tasty soup.  I don’t care that it topped out in the high 90s in Sacramento today, as always, I wanted soup.  The recipe on Weekday Vegetarian was the answer to my hungry prayers.  I follows it pretty much exactly.  However, I decided to change the flavors slightly.  Instead of simply mincing the garlic, I roasted a whole clove of garlic to deepen and sweeten the flavor.  To make it more herbaceous, I also used a little more rosemary than the original recipe called for.

2014-09-11 04.46.08

When I repeat this recipe, and I will be, I’ll use a full two cloves of roasted garlic.  While the garlic takes on a much sweeter flavor when it is roasted, it also loses some of its potency.  I would have like to have a bit more of that flavor in the dish, but overall, it was just what I was looking for tonight.

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