June Foodie Pen Pals!

After missing the deadline to sign up in May, here I am back with a wonderful delivery from my June  Foodie Pen Pals exchange.  This month I was paired with Gisele from Ohio, and I received some very perfectly timed items.


This summer is a busy one for me.  You will see few – if any – posts (as if you’ve seen any recently), because I will be traveling up and down the West coast and to Mexico!  That leaves little time for cooking.  BUT, part of that travelling has been and will be camping.

The Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain cereal with almonds and the organic trail mix went camping with my family and I last week.  Even those who are not inclined to eat bird seed (as the men called the trail mix) loved these two items!  The trail mix was taken on picnics and used for snacking, and the cereal was combined with yogurt and fresh berries for breakfast.

The Good Greens and Raw Evolutions bars will be accompanying me as I roadtrip/camp on the way home from a friend’s wedding in August.  I’m looking forward to trying them out as a quick snack on the trail or on the road.  The same with the fruit leathers…my how I love fruit leather!

Lastly, the Newman’s Own dark chocolate did not last 24 hours in my house after receiving my package from Gisele.  I ate the whole bar in one sitting.  Pure happiness in chocolate form 🙂

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