Parchment Packet Baked Salmon with Lactino Kale

There is not a good back story to this meal.  I love salmon.  I love vegetables.  They came together amazingly well here.  Truthfully, there are not many meals that will cause me to break out the full-sized dinner plates (I usually use 6″ salad plates for my meals), but this was one of them.  I first thought about having salmon and cous cous.  Then I realized that I had a few artichokes left from my delivery last week.  Then, I thought I might as well add some kale and shallots under the salmon.  Perfect.

I could give a recipe, or I could talk about the general construct of parchment packet baking.  I’ll go with the later.  Baking in packets gives so much flavor!  Your food pretty much steams with the ingredients that are put all together, so you want to use some great aromatics.  One of my favorite aromatics to include in parchment packets is fennel, but I used that all in my soup last week.


Packets, pre-folding, pre-baking.

So, you want to start with a base.  I love greens, in this case lactino (or dino) kale!  I’ve used shaved cabbage, carrots, fennel (as mentioned above) and corn before, too.  You want at least a full cup of raw veggies, if not more.  Next, add in some flavor.  I thinly slice shallots.  You can use onions or garlic as well.  Then, add your protein, in my case fish.  Season with salt and pepper.  For the salmon, I added a slice of butter (about a tsp.) and a slice of lemon.  Next, pour in a little liquid.  A tablespoon of white wine works well.


Packets, post-folding, post-baking.

Now for folding.  Start with the long sides of the parchment, and bring them together.  Fold the edges over a few times, folding no more than an inch at a time. Now, go to each end, and fold those in to create a packet.  Make sure the edges are nice and tight. and that steam won’t escape in any way.  Bake your packets at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until your fish registers at 145 degrees internal temperature.


Enjoy 🙂



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