Food Friday – February!

I think I can get very addicted to this whole  Foodie Penpals thing.  Seriously, I love food, I love getting mail, and I love learning about what other people like!  This month my foodie penpal was from Alabama.  I told her that I liked healthy snacking and treats now and then, and boy did she come through!  Shera, my foodie penpal, is also an at-home preschool teacher, so I got lovely little notes from her students.


Shera’s gifts to me were:

Snapea Crisps

Late July Organic Lime Chips

Tuscan Three Cheese Pretzel Chips

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

Dark Hot Chocolate

Glee Gum

Luna Bar

Wildflower Alabama Honey

Now, let’s talk honey.  I think that honey is one of the most amazing foods out there.  It truly is a local food.  Every honey, if you are buying from sources that are local and minimally processed, will taste different.  It amazes me that the flavor of honey will change depending on what flowers the bees are exposed to and even the weather!  I am really excited to try this wildflower Alabama honey with my morning Greek yogurt and berries 🙂

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