CSA Delivery – October 28th


I haven’t posted the contents of my CSA delivery for almost two months!  Usually, I wake up on Tuesday mornings to find a box of produce at my front door,  Imagine my surprise when tonight my door bell rang at 8:30 and a gentleman was waiting on the stoop with my delivery box!  On a Monday night!  I actually prefer this delivery time immensely.  When I get my delivery on Tuesday morning (it’s always there when I wake up at 5:30am), I feel rushed to unpack it, sort through to look for poor quality produce, prep veggies for storage, and fit everything in to my fridge…all before I leave for work.

Tonight, I was able to leisurely enjoy the unveiling of this delivery.  I even had time to take a picture of my bounty before storing everything away.  Truthfully, that is why I haven’t been posting pictures of each delivery – I feel too rushed in the mornings!  Not only did I get a picture, but my lettuce is washed, torn and bagged for lunches and dinners for the week.  I’m feeling accomplished 🙂

Fall is evident in today’s delivery.  The box was brimming with fruit!  For vegetables, it’s something of an in-between season.  Summer veggies are slowing down and winter veggies are not quite in full swing.  Though, I am super excited about my little sugar pie pumpkin!  I’ve never cooked/baked with one before, so I’m looking for suggestions.  Anyone?

I really do love fall fruit.  The apples and pears look absolutely crisp and delicious.  I’m looking forward to the kiwi, too.  The persimmons, on the other hand, I’m not too jazzed about.  They are fuyu, and can be eaten raw.  They can also be baked.  I’m not a fan of either preparation, and these nice persimmons will be given to my mom who would love to eat one or two of them raw each day if she could.

Finally, the list.  In my delivery today, you will find:

4 Fuyu Persimmons

4 Fuji Apples

2 Empire Apples (the dark red)

6 Kiwis

4 Bartlett Pears

1 Butterleaf Lettuce Head (my favorite kind!)

1 Bunch Kale

2 Leeks

1 lb. Fingerling Sweet Potatoes

1 Bunch Carrots

1 Sugar Pie Pumpkin

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