What to do with excess produce…STUFF IT!




This is by no means a recipe post.  If I were to create an entry every time I used up my vegetables by stuffing them, it would get boring.  That said, stuffing vegetables is a marvelous and efficient way to utilize those extra veggies you have lying around.  Certain vegetables obviously lend themselves to being filled.  They need to be cavernous, if I can use that word.  In the summer, I stuff tomatoes and peppers.  With my CSA deliveries, as well as my own garden, I am always eating stuffed veggies!



The beautiful thing about stuffed vegetables, is that you really don’t need a recipe.  You can go through your fridge and cupboards to find what you think will work well together, cook it up, shove it in a vegetable, and bake it off.  My rule for stuffed tomatoes and peppers is that I need to have grains, protein, cheese, other veggies, herbs and seasonings.  Just keeping these things in mind, the possibilities are endless!


My favorite grains to use are quinoa, pearl barley, and brown rice.  I usually will then add some black beans or garbanzos for protein.  When I use quinoa, I don’t feel the need to add extra protein because it is a complete protein in and of itself!  Feta and goat cheese are my go-tos, definitely.

Have fun using your extra summer produce to make stuffed veggies!  And don’t forget that come fall there’s a plethora of winter squashes just ready to be stuffed 🙂


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