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Pappardelle, Zucchini, and Avocado Goat Cheese Sauce

My food came from three different sources today: my local co-op, my produce delivery, and Costco.  A word on Costco – they can be a great resource!  I am on something a tight budget, though I tend to spend freely … Continue reading

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Mexican-Inspired Quinoa Casserole

I LOVE casseroles and all things Mexican-flavor-inspired.  There are a few standard Mexican casseroles in my arsenal, but this is a new one.  As someone who cooks vegetarian food, I am always on the look out for high protein, relatively … Continue reading

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Potato, Green Bean, and Chard Hash with Eggs

I have been relying on quick, easily alterable meals recently.  My style of cooking frequently is recipe-free and based on what I have on hand.  Tonight, I found that I had green beans from my CSA delivery still left.  I … Continue reading

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What to do with excess produce…STUFF IT!

    This is by no means a recipe post.  If I were to create an entry every time I used up my vegetables by stuffing them, it would get boring.  That said, stuffing vegetables is a marvelous and efficient … Continue reading

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Very Nontraditional Vegetable Curry

What does one do when there appears to be a plethora of vegetables in one’s fridge?  Throw them all together and make something delicious!  This curry is not a traditional curry in any sense of the word.  It combines both … Continue reading

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CSA Delivery – September 3rd

Today’s CSA delivery is full of staples, which I love.  I will be able to snack on the fruit and use the veggies in salads and cooking.  I am already thinking that a chickpea and veggie curry will be in … Continue reading

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