Sunday Farmers Market and Tuesday CSA Delivery


I decided to group together my two hauls this week.  On Sunday, I went to the market after not having gone the week before.  I didn’t pick up much, since I knew I was getting a produce delivery today.  However, I needed to pick up a things that weren’t in my delivery and I was really craving.  You’ll recognize the potatoes and brussel sprouts from my dinner last night!

My produce total at the market was $11.  For my money, I received:

1 mini seedless watermelon (organic)

1 lb. brussel sprouts

3 lbs. red potatoes (organic)

2 freestone peaches

2 Asian pears (organic)

3 plums

1 bunch of basil


I’m really excited about my CSA delivery this week.  I plan on using the tomatoes in a tomato and ricotta tart.  I’ve been craving beets since I ran out of the bunch from the farmers market two weeks ago.  And, I mean, look at those beets!  They’re as big as the giant heirloom tomatoes, and their tops can be seen clear across the table!  Maybe I should save the tops and add them to a soup.  I plan on making a mushroom and wild rice soup soon…I wonder if the beet greens will keep until then?

Today’s delivery includes the following:

1 package of mission figs (yum!)

2 Gravenstein apples

1 canteloupe melon

1 bunch celery

1 butterleaf lettuce head

2.5 lbs. heirloom tomatoes

.5 lbs. gypsy peppers

1 bunch broccolini

1 bunch of GIANT beets

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