CSA Delivery: Tuesday, August 6th


Just like Sundays mean the farmer’s market, every other Tuesday means produce delivery!  I use Farm Fresh to You for my deliveries.  There are things that I love about them and things that I’m not so happy about.  I love that they are all organic and delivery to your door.  I don’t like that unless you choose their “Valley Box” option, the produce can come from quite a ways away.  For example, the celery I received today came from Salinas, and the grapes came from Fresno.  Now, that is a big improvement from most super market produce.  Neither of those products traveled more than about 150 miles to get to me.  I should try the “Valley Box” some time.  If I choose that option, 90% of the produce that I receive will come from the Capay Farm, Farm Fresh to You’s home base, which is a mere 35 miles from my Sacramento location!  What that would mean, of course, is a narrower selection of produce to be shipped to me for each delivery.  But it’s more local!

The tricks with CSA deliveries for me, is to find one that is all organic, all local, and will deliver to your door.  Farm Fresh to You is the closest I can find to meeting all three of those criteria, so I think I’ll stick with them for a while.

This week’s very green delivery included (not all items/quantities pictured above):

1 honeydew melon

2 heads of garllic

2 yellow onions

4 Gravenstein apples

1 lb. green grapes

1/2 lb. gypsy peppers

1/2 lb. green beans

1 cucumber

1 bunch of baby broccoli

1 bunch of celery

If I had known that I was going to get the onions, I wouldn’t have purchased any at the farmer’s market on Sunday!  But these onions replaced a head of lettuce I was supposed to get.  Obviously they didn’t have one on hand to send me.  And, hey!  There’s always uses for onions.

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