Farmer’s Market: August 4th


Sunday means a trip to the farmer’s market!  The market during the summer is crowded and overrun by excited people pursuing the stalls looking for the perfect, most delicious buy.  During the summer, my town is blessed to have a farmer’s market somewhere within walking distance of my house on almost every day of the week.  While I do have my summers off and free time on weekdays, I still prefer to go to the Sunday farmer’s market.  It is the biggest, the most crowded, and the most varied of all the markets I’ve tried.   It also has the widest selection of organic produce.

I try to buy organic whenever possible.  However, my salary and my frugal demeanor doesn’t always allow me to do so.  What I do love is that all of the produce in the market is local and grown within approximately 100 miles of the stalls.  What I like even more is the price.  I spent $15 on the items in the picture above, and that includes the roses!  The produce itself cost me $10.  Usually I would go for more veggies, but I am expecting my CSA box this Tuesday, and I already know what wonderful veggies await me there!

For my $10, I received the following produce:

1 watermelon (small, I’ll grant you)

2 peaches

2 pluots

3 organic Asian pears

4 white onions (always good to have onions on hand!)

1 bunch organic carrots

1 bunch organic beets

All in all, I think it was a good haul.

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