CSA delivery for July 23rd, 2013


3 lbs. heirloom tomatoes

1 pack sun gold cherry tomatoes

1 lb. green beans

1 cucumber

1/2 lb. gypsy peppers

1 honeydew melon

1 1/2 lbs. red grapes

4 pluots

After being on vacation, I received my first real CSA delivery of the summer.  It lived up to its expectations as it is full of what else but tomatoes!

I live in the central valley of California, and summer means tomatoes.

Tomatoes from your garden, tomatoes in the grocery store, tomatoes at the farmer’s market, and tomatoes given to you by neighbors.  To tell the truth, I do not enjoy raw tomatoes, and I don’t think I ever will.  However, the acidity and texture of a tomato when cooked, roasted, broken down in any way, is delicious.


Having been out of the country for quite a few weeks, I am excited about cooking again with these great ingredients!  Even though it’s summer, and it’s hot outside, I think I will make a soup of roasted tomatoes and gypsy peppers.  What I will do with the green beans and cucumber, I’m not sure of right now.  The cucumber will probably just be a nice snack for the next few days!

The beauty of a CSA box is the variety of fruit that I receive.  I’m excited about the green pluots, and I will enjoy the melon and grapes as snacks over the next few weeks.


I look forward to cooking, and watch for in the next few days to see what I develop out of this week’s CSA delivery!

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